The Bacon Beer Cheddar Soup! and raspberry almond bread

I finally made it.  This has been on the list since the first swirls of fall and I finally got enough cheddar and some beer and an afternoon with time in it all at once, and we made it!  My wonderful hubby cooked the bacon and grated the cheese.  I do not actually like making bacon.  He is the master of bacon.

After reading through several recipes, I chose this one from Emeril Lagasse as my base recipe (without the broccoli).  I think we only changed three things: added carrots, added bacon, added only a little crushed red pepper for the spice.  Oh, and I used chicken broth instead of stock since that’s what I had on hand.

The verdict: Good, but we would change some things for next time.  Definitely I would take an extra step to puree the vegetable roux.  The soup wanted a little thickness, plus I detest soggy vegetables.  J.P. thought a different beer might fill it out better, and I might consider adding actually a little more cheddar for added cheesiness.  But overall it was yummy, warm and cheesy with just enough “bite.”  We ate it with buttered sourdough toast which was perfect for soaking it up–if I did it again I might try making a loaf’s worth of sourdough croutons to go with it.  LittleBoy’s version was toast dipped in soup and he enjoyed that a lot.

Did we get pictures?  We did not get pictures.  Not that soup is all that photogenic anyway.  But we got pictures of the Boy eating his second-ever Big Boy apple (whole, with some edges sliced off so he could get at it.) He loved it!  Only they’re stuck on hubby’s camera and I don’t know how to downlaod them…maybe I’d better work on that  🙂

One other link I have to share today. This is the Raspberry Almond Bread I made for our bible study this morning.  A-mazing.  I did it in a bundt pan and added a lemon glaze on top to make it pretty but it really didn’t even need that.  Can’t wait to try it with blackberries or blueberries too.  And it was really easy, even without an electric mixer. (Is it worth doing it by hand so the baby doesn’t wake up?  definitely!!)  Enjoy!