Besides having to pack and unpack, there are all kinds of things that must be done when one moves  – changing your address, getting new license plates and driver’s licenses, switching insurance, starting a new job, and, of course, getting a new library card.

I finally got my library card last week, after I finally got my new driver’s license. I promptly checked out three books, although I do already own at least a dozen books that I am or should be reading. Fiction has been lacking in my reading diet for the past couple months, though, so that’s what I stocked up on last week.

All three books were recommendations from my mom – another mystery from Dorothy Sayers, another spy novel by Helen MacInnes, plus a new author to me – Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead.

I haven’t finished any of them yet, so no reviews here. Hopefully, I’ll have a little more time in the next few weeks to read, but there’s still been plenty of moving projects to keep me busy (plus an active 9-month-old…reading definitely does not happen as much as it used to).

This project was an absolute necessity. Although our new place is significantly bigger than the last place we lived, apparently whoever designed the kitchen in the new place did not spend as much time there as I do. We have room for a table in the kitchen now, which is a plus, but storage space is sorely lacking.


After organizing the cupboards to fit as much stuff as possible, we still had a lot of boxes left over. The need for more storage space was clear, so my husband, who no longer has to spend every spare minute on his seminary studies (woohoo!), volunteered to build me a shelf exactly like I wanted.

Two small problems: one, he doesn’t have loads of free time, despite being done with seminary, and two, I really had no idea what I wanted.


After several conversations about what we needed and what would be easiest for him to build, he came up with a plan. Then, thanks to Memorial Day, he had a three-day weekend to work on it, and by Monday night, all he had to do was put on one more coat of paint.

The boxes were about on their last leg by the time he finished, but it was definitely worth the wait for a custom-made shelf. I’m happy with it, although I still have some reorganizing to do…I don’t think the Cheerios will last long on the bottom shelf with that active 9-month-old.


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