Of Meat Dip and Shrimp Bonjoulais

Anybody want two of the absolute easiest, and yummiest entertaining recipes ever?  I thought SuperBowl would be an appropriate time to share these two family favorites. 

Fancy first.  Shrimp Bonjoulais is not an original recipe (though I’m not sure where we got the original recipe) but it sure is an original name. Actually, I think we made it up.  I don’t think bonjoulais is actually a word (or if it is, it probably means something frightening and I don’t want to know!). But it sounds fancy and scrumptious, which is exactly how it looks and tastes.  You would never guess that it takes all of 3 ingredients and 5 minutes to make…
-8oz cream cheese
-8oz cocktail sauce
-1 cup cooked shrimp, thawed at least slightly
Soften the cream cheese
Dice the shrimp (I throw mine in my food processor, perfect in 30 seconds)
Mix it all together!  Voila, there it is! Put it in a pretty dish, chill it, serve with bread or crackers or tortilla chips or more shrimp or whatever you want.  Touchdown.  Perfect appetizer for any gathering, upscale or casual.  I have never known anyone to dislike it except my husband’s best friend who hates seafood, and to be fair, he won’t even try it so we don’t really know if he likes it or not!

On the other side of the scale is meat dip.  This doesn’t even try to be fancy and it definitely doesn’t try to be healthy, but it’s filling and oh so good.  I believe we got the original recipe from my pastor’s wife growing up, and enjoyed it as an easy dinner on many Sunday nights after church.  I can remember the cycle I used to try to get away with….
“Mom, can I have more chips to finish the rest of my meat dip?”
“Now I have leftover chips-can I have some more dip?”
“Can I have some more chips to finish the rest of my dip?”
And on it went until the dip was gone or I finally got full or Mom decided I had enough!  To be fair, this was in the days when I could eat five slices of pizza or 7 helpings of fajitas and not get sick.  Sometimes I miss those days!  But anyway, it’s good stuff!  And it also takes about 4 ingredients, and super-straightforward prep.
I believe the original recipe calls for equal parts of ground beef (precooked, or you can cook it first in your killer or whatever); Velveeta cheese; sour cream; and salsa.  Considering how much we all ate, we probably did it with 16 oz of everything, and Mom would just combine and warm it in her big skillet till everything was melty together, probably 25 minutes.  When I do it I usually do 8-12 oz of everything, and I like to sub Mexican Crema for the sour cream.  I’ve also subbed sausage for the ground beef which my husband likes.  And I just throw it all in the crockpot, so my prep time is all of 5 minutes.
So if you want an official-looking recipe:
-8oz Velveeta, cubed
-8oz sour cream or crema
-8oz salsa of your choice
-1lb ground beef

Combine and cook in skillet, saucepan, or crockpot till it all becomes a cheesy, melty dip; serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!

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