3-Way Salmon

Today was laundry day and lesson day….a.k.a…. Easy Dinner Day! One of my favorite go-to’s on such occasions is baked salmon. 15 minute prep, stick it in the oven and some rice in the rice cooker while I teach, and voila, super-yummy. And reasonably healthy! We never ate seafood that much growing up (except breaded fishsticks-which I still enjoy and keep in the freezer for days requiring even less prep!) But J.P.’s family are all seafood lovers-fish, lobster, scallops, squid-and his mom has a basic whitefish recipe which is a fabulous foundation for experimentation.

Below is the basic “Mama C’s Salmon” recipe and my two best variations so far. All recipes are written for four individual filets or one “grocery-store-size” filet, but easily adapt to any amount. All bake at 350, covered, for 30-45 minutes. Skin-on filets should bake skin side down.

Mama’s Basic:
Sprinkle filets lightly with Bay Seasoning and liberally with garlic salt. Add a little pepper if desired. Rub in. Dot with about 2 T of butter, in small chunks or slices. Bake, serve with rice.

Kate’s Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon:
Start with the Bay and garlic salt. No pepper.
For the glaze, mix together about 3 parts brown sugar to one part soy sauce…ummm, I never measure….but four filets should use about 1/3 c sugar and a couple T of soy. Add about 1T lemon juice.
Spread glaze over filets, top with dotted butter, and bake.

Kate’s Lemon Herb salmon:
Start with the Bay and garlic salt, pepper if desired.
Sprinkle semi-liberally with both dill and Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb. Spritz with lemon juice.
Top with dotted butter and bake!

These work with frozen or fresh, and I was thinking today that they probably could even be prepped and frozen ahead except for the butter on top. Good idea for catching the post-Lent fish sales! I am hoping eventually to get a good lemon cream sauce and an almond-crusted version but those are definitely not ready for sharing yet. 🙂 Enjoy!

P.S. I just realized you can add pictures in here.  Will try next time–it will give my hubby an excuse to use the “food mode” on his new camera!

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