Scones and the Best Husband Ever

I think scones are one of my favorite foods ever. My mom’s coconut cranberry scones are the best, but I’m willing to try pretty much anything that has scone in the name. Blueberry scones,  chocolate chunk scones, apple oatmeal scones, cinnamon scones – they’re all good. The best part about scones, I think, is that they’re not too sweet. Even the chocolate chunk scones, which have cocoa powder and chocolate chunks, are not overpowering because there’s so little sugar in them. Which means you can eat one for breakfast and still feel good about it. Chocolate for breakfast? What could be better?

A couple weeks ago, I printed off a new scone recipe that I found on the Tasty Kitchen blog – Chocolate Chunk Scones with Peanut Butter Glaze. It sounded good to me, and anything with chocolate and peanut butter is a winner in Luke’s book.

Today is the start of Luke’s spring break from classes, which really doesn’t mean much. He still has projects to work on and will maintain the same work and study schedule throughout the week. He does, however, try to take the weekends completely off from studying when he’s on break, which means spending a whole Saturday together. I told him one of the things I wanted to do today was make these scones, and he said he could help me and then I could write a blog post about it. If that had happened, this post would probably be in praise of his chocolate-chopping and dish-washing abilities. But it didn’t. I made the scones by myself, although he contributed by licking out the bowl from the peanut butter glaze and splitting one with me so we could make sure they turned out okay. I’m not complaining, though. While I was in the kitchen baking scones (which is something I love), he was cleaning the toilet and vacuuming the house (two things I do not love). Despite his lack of contribution to the scone-making process, he gets to keep his title of best husband ever (and not just because he cleaned the bathroom; he’s pretty much all-around amazing).

Just in case you’re wondering if this is a scone recipe worth trying, yes. Here’s the link to the recipe:  And if you’re still not convinced, see below. 🙂ImageImage  Image

3 thoughts on “Scones and the Best Husband Ever

  1. At Home with Bethany says:

    Those look super delicious! I’ve never been much of a scone-maker (or eater) but these look pretty tempting! 🙂

    Aren’t amazing husbands awesome? Haha. Luke is a great guy and you two are such a cute couple.

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