Freezer Meals

Well, as you have probably all deduced from the previous blog posts – the whoopie-cookie queen (my mom) taught her daughters to cook. And not just to cook, but to love to cook. To make up our own recipes, to modify existing ones, to try new ones just for the fun of it. And to share that love of cooking (and food) with the people we love most. I once saw a billboard that said something along the lines of, “If you love people, cook for them.” Well, we cook for the people we love.

Lately, however, my cooking has been somewhat cramped. As Karin mentioned in her post, her family is on the quick-and-easy meal plan. But she still cooks. Well, my husband and I are at the level below that more and more often these days. Frozen meals.

I never bought frozen meals when I was single. I don’t know if we ever ate them at all growing up. So for me to buy frozen meals is a big step – down. At least I thought so. But here’s the thing. I’ll spare you all the details, but due to our chaotic schedules these days, I can’t cook dinner most of the time. I can’t even do it in the crockpot because the timing is usually not right. So we’re at frozen meals. Now I don’t buy just any, I buy the comparably healthy ones, on sale, with coupons (that’s some consolation at least ;-).

But the point of this post is that God’s been teaching me something through these frozen meals. He’s teaching me the value of time. He’s teaching me good stewardship. He’s teaching me to plan and save and try be good stewards of our body in a way I didn’t think I would ever have to. And he’s teaching me to be content. To be content that if I have truly tried to use our time and money to the best of my ability, and the result is a frozen meal, that’s ok. Because God doesn’t really care how well I can cook. He cares that I am a good steward of what he has given me. His expectations are far greater than what kind of meals I make. And that’s a humbling and freeing thought.

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