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Food and books.  I would say that is a pretty good combo.  I am a bit of a cynic about the blogosphere in general, on the grounds that it can get a bit pretentious and–well–wordy!  It reminds me of the Prophet who said “Of making many books there is no end”–I think you could easily replace “books” with “blogs” and retain the meaning quite accurately! 

But we still write and our writing still communicates knowledge and it still communicates enjoyment and in this case it communicates sisterhood and a bunch of fun and yummy and otherwise great stuff!   We Woodby girls are all lovers of cookery, although I think Kristin might be the current cuisinière.  We are all lovers of books, and Karin the English teacher will probably set the pace there.  Mom, of course is the Queen (somebody, btw, needs to write a post explaining the title–Kristin??)–not sure how often she will post but she has plenty of practical and life-wisdom to share, and she’s really the inspiration for most of the creative, cultural, and culinary in the rest of us–and at least part of the crazy!

Me?  Well, I’ve been told I am a good example of the word “eclectic”!  My very classic, orderly hubby has probably tamed that a little bit, but I suppose I am still a bit of the “random sister.”  I’m excited to share recipes and books reviews, and probably a little bit of movies, and a little bit of music, and a little bit of metaphysics, and maybe a bit of the unexpected.  Just for fun, and the mental discipline of writing, and to share some of the joy of the heritage that we’ve been given.  I could write another whole post on that but I won’t tonight! 

But, at risk of sounding wordy and pretentious myself, I can’t start blogging without replying to the Prophet.  Of making many blogs there is no end.  There are words and words and words.  But there is One Word in Whom all things and thoughts consist.  Whenever I am overwhelmed with words, there is One Word Who is truth and Who is life.  He is the beginning, He is the end.  And all that is good, words and experiences and gifts, comes from Him.  So–may all the words we write here reflect the True Word, and point back to Him!

But I should end a little more on-theme.  Food!  Here’s a recipe for spiced chicken chili to take the edge off the last couple weeks of winter!  Disclaimer: My recipes tend to be kind of approximate…which is probably why I am not a baker…adjust to your liking!

Spiced Chicken Chili (adapted from a Taste of Home recipe)

  • 4-6 boneless skinless chicken breasts.  (Yummy if you brown in a little garlic, onion, and olive oil but you can also throw them in straight from the freezer)
  • 4-6 cans of black and kidney beans.  I usually do 4 kidney and 2 black.
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 small can tomato paste
  • 1 cup water or chicken broth
  • Garlic and onion that you browned the chicken in OR liberal amounts of garlic powder and minced onion.  Guessing I probably use around 2T garlic powder and 1-2T minced onion.
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2T brown sugar
  • 1-2T chili powder
  • 1T Italian seasoning
  • 1T basil
  • 1T thyme
  • 1T salt
  • 1/2-1T cayenne
  • 1-2t cumin
  • 1t oregano
  • 1t marjoram
  • dash nutmeg

…and the kitchen sink, right?  If you don’t have one of the ingredients, try something else–mine rarely comes out the same way twice.  The original recipe is a little brighter–a little more tomato and chili powder, less on the cumin/nutmeg/brown sugar. 

Throw everything in the crockpot and cook on low for 4-6 hours…or if you are like me and forget to thaw your chicken, turn it to high or give it a couple extra hours.  Serve with cheddar cheese and corn chips as desired.  Enjoy!

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